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Thank you for signing up for JobsOnDemand, an online service provided and managed by PT JOD TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA (Jod ID). JobsOnDemand is a real-time, location-based job matching service to link individual freelancers with businesses. JobsOnDemand is delivered to our individual members (the “Members”) via a native mobile application on either Android or IOS mobile devices, and to our corporate customers (the “Customers”) via the JobsOnDemand online web portal (the “Website”). Members apply for jobs posted by our Customers, and successful Members perform their jobs onsite at our Customers’ premises, and will receive payment from the Customers upon the completion of the job. 

We neither hire nor provide employees to perform the services required by our Customers. We are also not an employment agency that hires individuals to perform services on our behalf. The business function of Jod ID is to operate JobsOnDemand, manage the database of our Members and Customers and to facilitate contracts for services between our Members and Customers.

When registering on JobsOnDemand and prior to using our service, be it either as Members or Customers, you should carefully read these terms and conditions for the use of JobsOnDemand (henceforth known as “Terms of Use & Conditions”). This is a prerequisite for the use of JobsOnDemand. Hence by clicking on the ‘I Agree” button, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Use & Conditions. If you do not or cannot agree to these Terms of Use & Conditions, you shall not be allowed to use JobsOnDemand and shall be required to cease the usage of our service immediately.

Henceforth, in order to register and utilize the services provided by JobsOnDemand, you agree to the following provisions in the Terms of Use & Conditions:


By visiting and using the Jod Services, you represent and warrant that

    1. You must be at least 18 years old;
    2. You agree to these Terms and are authorized to use our Services and have obtained the necessary consents;
    3. You have the legal capacity to read and comply with these Terms of Use;
    4. Your acceptance and performance of these Terms of Use does not impair your obligations under any other law or agreement to which you are a party;
    5. You will use the Jod Service only for its intended and lawful purposes;
    6. You will maintain the confidentiality of any identification we provide to you, such as login information or username, password, or one-time password (OTP), to enable you to access and use the Jod Services securely and confidentially;
    7. You must provide us with such proof of identity as we may reasonably request or require;
    8. You undertake to provide accurate, true, and complete information necessary to use the Services, and to maintain and update the information as soon as possible if there is any change in the information;
    9. You will use your best efforts to assist us if there is any indication that you have violated these Terms of Use or if we request your assistance during an internal or external investigation to comply with applicable laws or regulations;
    10. 1.10.You are solely responsible for any loss or damage you suffer;
    11. 1.11.The obligations set forth in these Terms of Use that you are required to perform are legal, valid, binding and enforceable.
    12. 1.12.There is no litigation, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, settlement or administrative proceeding pending or threatened, the outcome of which could have a material adverse effect on your ability to fulfill your obligations under these Terms of Use.


2.1 By registering for JobsOnDemand and creating a new Member profile, you acknowledge that all information (including profile photos) provided by you are accurate, truthful, and complete, and that you have only registered and created a new Member profile only once for yourself and no other person. When applying for a job posting, you agree that your profile information is up- to-date.

2.2 You will be required to provide all the details requested for at the point of registration. The user name and password that you are given / have selected are strictly non-transferable and cannot be shared with any third parties. You must inform us immediately if you suspect that your account has been breached. Jod ID shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in connection with any breach of your account and any unauthorized use of your account as a result of such a breach.

2.3 Multiple Member profiles and accounts for each person are prohibited, and Jod ID reserves the right to delete and/or block any Member profiles and accounts if we have any reason to believe that they have been duplicated and is not unique to a specific Member.

2.4 In order to enable the core functionalities of JobsOnDemand’s location-based job matching service, you agree to provide access to your profile details and location-based service on your mobile device to Jod ID and our corporate Customer, and you fully consent to the use of such information for the purpose of enabling functionalities in JobsOnDemand. For more detailed terms on the collection, use and disclosure of the information you will provide to Jod ID, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” provisions below.


3.1 In order to utilize JobsOnDemand, you would need to log into and be logged on the JobsOnDemand mobile application at all times. You would also need to enable the “notification” and “location sharing” features on your mobile device in order to be notified on the latest job postings, as well as to allow the hiring company, our Customer, to estimate your time of arrival at the job site. 

3.2 When applying for a job on JobsOnDemand, you acknowledge that you are entering into a Contract for Service with one of our Customers, the hiring company. You will be engaged by our Customer as an independent contractor/ freelancer for the relevant job assignment, and not as an employee. Nothing in these Terms of Use & Conditions or your usage of the services on JobsOnDemand shall be construed as creating a partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship between you and Jod ID or between you and the relevant Customer.  

3.3 As an independent contractor / freelancer, you have chosen to carry out the job assignment on your own account. You acknowledge that you are not covered by the Employment Act, statutory benefits do not apply to you.

3.4 Upon applying for the job posting, you would need to read the JobsOnDemand Terms of Use & Conditions, and click “I Agree” to acknowledge acceptance of these Terms of Use & Conditions. 

3.5 Shortly after you have applied for the job, you will receive a notification on whether you have been successful with your application. Upon a successful job application (the “Awarded Job”), you are to show up at the hiring company’s job site punctually and to start the job by clicking on the “Clock In” button. You shall observe and follow any instructions provided by the hiring company including dress codes and personal cleanliness. You shall conduct yourself in a professional manner, ensuring politeness and attentiveness to the hiring company, its staff and its customers. These attributes will be taken into consideration when the hiring company inputs your overall ratings in your personal profile, which will also eventually determine your chances of successfully applying for subsequent job postings on JobsOnDemand. 

3.6 If you have an Awarded Job but you are unable to turn up for the job, you MUST notify the hiring company via JobsOnDemand by clicking on the “Cancel Application” button immediately, and provide a reason for the cancellation. If you have been successfully selected for the Job but you are unable to turn up for the job, you MUST notify JobsOnDemand immediately by sending a mail to halo@jodapp.com. Please note that cancellations of job applications will be captured and reflected in your profile’s record, and may also result in the suspension or termination of your Member account.

3.7 While performing the Awarded Job, you may encounter or be involved in incidents or events which may result in claims, liabilities, legal actions, loss and damages filed against or incurred by the hiring company and/or you. Please refer to the provisions under “Indemnity and Liability” below.

3.8 Upon the completion of the Awarded Job, please note that the hiring company is responsible for paying you for your performance of the Awarded Job, and may choose to appoint JobsOnDemand to pay you on their behalf. Your earnings and payment of earnings will only apply to data collection jobs that we have successfully validated. Your earnings for day jobs and job postings will be paid directly by the employer or recruiter, not by us. You are responsible for any taxes arising from the earnings you receive. You hereby indemnify us and hold us harmless from and against all demands, claims, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees) suffered or incurred by us, directly or indirectly, in connection with any tax obligations arising from any income received by you.

3.9 At the end of the Job, you are required to complete the job by clicking on the “Clock Out” button and to provide your bank information, in order for JobsOnDemand to transfer your wages to you. You would also need to rate the hiring company and to provide your feedback on each Awarded Job you have performed. This is to help the hiring company continue to improve on its management culture and operational processes, in order to make their workplace a more conducive and desirable place for future Members to work in. Jod ID reserves the right to use the rating information in any manner we deem fit, including the sharing of the rating information with our customers, third parties or publishing it to the public. In providing your feedback, you shall be truthful and accurate in your ratings and review of the relevant hiring company. You shall not post any ratings or review that is political, libellous, defamatory or obscene in nature or otherwise unlawful.

3.10In the event that the Customer cancels the Job after the Customer has awarded the Member the Job, the Customer and Jod ID shall not be liable towards the Member for any payment for the cancelled Job, or any other losses, damages, or claims suffered or made by the Member in connection with the cancelled Job.

3.11Jod ID does not have control over the quality, timing or legality of the job postings, and makes no representation or warranties about the suitability, reliability, timeliness or accuracy of the job postings created by our Customers.


4.1 Jod ID may terminate your usage or access to JobsOnDemand at any time and at our own discretion, and we may or may not notify you of such termination of your account or access. In the event that your Member account has been terminated, please note that you shall (a) no longer be authorized to use or access JobsOnDemand as an individual Member, and (b) continue to abide by the Terms of Use & Conditions which survive the termination of your Member’s account.

4.2 You may choose to terminate your Member account by sending a mail to

halo@jodapp.com  and providing the reasons for doing so, and Jod ID will send you an update of the termination of your Member account as soon as it has come into effect.


5.1 These Terms of Use and its performance shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Indonesia. If any dispute, disagreement or claim arises in connection with the performance of these Terms of Use, it will be resolved by deliberation and agreement. If such dispute or disagreement is not resolved by deliberation and agreement within 90 days from the date of notification of the dispute by either party, you and Staffink agree to resolve it through the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI), established under the Kadin Law of 1977 and in force at the time of the enactment of these Terms of Use, at Wahana Graha Lt. 1&2 Jl. Mampang Prapatan No. 2 Jakarta 12760.


6.1 All contents (including but not limited to logos, images, graphics, button icons, headers and other components) on the JobsOnDemand website and mobile application (collectively, the “Content”) are our proprietary property or are used by us with permission from the proprietary owners. The Content is protected by copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights and intellectual property laws. Jod ID reserves all its intellectual property right in relation to the Content.

6.2 You shall not copy, reproduce, replicate, publish, adapt, edit, extract or create derivative works from the Content.  


7.1 You shall not use the JobsOnDemand mobile application in any way which breaches the Terms of Use & Conditions or which infringes our intellectual property rights in connection with the JobsOnDemand Website or mobile application. 

7.2 You shall not use the JobsOnDemand mobile application in any manner which is unlawful, illegal, or fraudulent. You shall abide by the rules and instructions set out in the Terms of Use & Conditions, and you shall not participate or collaborate in any activities with the intent to cheat or bypass the rules and instructions of JobsOnDemand and the services provided thereunder. 



8.1 You hereby agree to indemnify Jod ID against any and all claims, damages, actions, liability, loss, cost, expenses, charges, or payment which Jod ID may be required to pay or incur, be liable for or suffer, as a result of your breach of these Terms of Use & Conditions. 

8.2 To the extent permitted under applicable laws, Jod ID shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss that you incur, whether in contract, tort, equity or otherwise, in relation to the Contents or your usage of the JobsOnDemand service, Website or mobile application. However, if Jod ID is held to be liable by the Singapore courts, you agree that Jod ID’ liabilities shall be limited to the total amount of remuneration payable or paid to you for the Awarded Job.

8.3 To the extent permitted under applicable law, Jod ID shall not be liable for any loss or damages, including personal injury, loss of life, and damage to property, that you or another person may suffer during your performance of the Awarded Job and any activities or events in connection with the Awarded Job. However, if Jod ID is held to be liable by the Indonesia courts, you agree that Jod ID’ liabilities shall be limited to the total amount of remuneration payable to you for the Awarded Job.

8.4 Some of the contents on JobsOnDemand will be provided either by Customers or other users, such as ratings and feedback about our Members’ performances during the Awarded Jobs. You agree that Jod ID shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or misrepresentation of such contents, and should you come across any such inaccuracies or misrepresentation concerning you, you are to inform Jod ID immediately via the lodging of a formal complaint by writing to halo@jodapp.com. Jod ID will review the complaint and may or may not take the relevant corrective actions as deemed necessary by Jod ID in its absolute discretion.

8.5 By accepting these Terms of Use & Conditions, you have agreed to the indemnity and limitations of liability provided in this Clause 8 and you agree that they are reasonable and shall survive the termination of these Terms of Use & Conditions.


9.1 The JobsOnDemand service is provided to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any warranties tied to its use. Your usage of the JobsOnDemand mobile application, Website or any of its content is at your own risk.

9.2 None of Jod ID’s directors, employees, partners, suppliers, contractors, agents and affiliates make any express or implied representation or warranty about the JobsOnDemand service or its contents thereof.


10.1 Jod ID is committed to the protection of the privacy and confidentiality of our Members. We will only use your name and details in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy clause.

10.2 You agree that Jod ID may collect personal data and information from you including the following information: your name, age, date of birth, information on your educational qualifications and institutions of education, previous work experience, your current location, estimated time of arrival at site of job location and your ratings review and comments on jobs undertaken through JobsOnDemand. (collectively, hereinafter known as the “Information”). 

10.3 You agree that Jod ID may collect, use and/or disclose the Information for the following purposes:

(i) to notify you when there are job postings made by our Customers 

(ii) to allow our Customers to assess you when they are selecting our Members for the job application

(iii) to facilitate the JobsOnDemand service that is being provided to all Members and all Customers

(iv) to carry out marketing campaigns and contests.

10.4 Jod ID will also collect and disclose the Information in order to provide our Customers the necessary information when they are selecting the appropriate Member for the job application. Customers will take into consideration the Information, your current location and the estimated time of arrival to the job site, as part of their selection criteria for the job application.

10.5 Jod ID will use the Information to send you promotions, marketing materials and other information about JobsOnDemand. If you do not wish to receive such promotions, marketing materials and information, you may choose to opt out by sending a mail to halo@jodapp.com

10.6 Jod ID may be required to disclose the Information to regulatory, law enforcement or governmental authorities, for the purposes of cooperating with an order, judgement, investigation or request of any nature by such parties. You agree that Jod ID shall not  be liable for the disclosure of the Information and you further agree not to take any action against Jod ID for the disclosure of the Information under these circumstances.

10.7 Jod ID may at any time disclose the Information to its agents, advisers and consultants for the purposes of the operation of Jod ID’ business and the JobsOnDemand service provided to Members and Customers. 

10.8 From time to time, Jod ID may be required to contact you on your mobile number or via email, either in the event where the job posting by a Customer has been cancelled, or if you have not turned up at the job site within the stipulated Estimated Time of Arrival provided by you. You agree that Jod ID and/or the Customers may contact you using all form of communication means provided by you during the Member registration process in connection with the JobsOnDemand service.

10.9 Whilst using the JobsOnDemand mobile application or Website, you agree that Jod ID may use cookies to collect, use or disclose the Information for user profiling, market analysis and marketing purposes.

10.10You acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the Privacy Policy clause of the Terms of Use & Conditions.


11. 1 The Terms of Use & Conditions contain the entire agreement between you and Jod ID with respect to your use of the JobsOnDemand Website and mobile application. 

11.2 The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of the Terms of Use & Conditions, or any of its terms or provisions, will not affect the validity of these Terms of Use & Conditions as a whole, which will at all times remain in full force and effect.  A failure to enforce any provision of these Terms of Use & Conditions will not constitute a waiver thereof or of any other provision.

11.3 These Terms of Use and its performance shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Indonesia. Any dispute, controversy or claim relating to the performance of these Terms of Use shall be resolved by deliberation and agreement. If the dispute or controversy cannot be resolved by deliberation and agreement within 30 days from the date of notification of the dispute by either party, you agree to resolve it through the District Court of South Jakarta, but without waiving our rights and legal efforts to continue the proceedings to the courts of any other jurisdiction, the Police of Indonesia or any other competent government agency.


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